• Ben Stapp, President
  • Carla Albright, Vice President
  • Pat Keithley, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Open seat, Officer
  • Tiffany Haendel
  • Lance Lowe
  • Monique Boisson
  • ‚Äč

Homeowner Association

Important Information & Links


  • 3rd Thursday each month
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • Place:  Clubhouse (on-site)
  • Open to Members & those with official Proxies


+  Next board meeting 02/21/18 @ 7:00pm in the clubhouse

+  Pool will be open by Memorial Day 2019.  Make sure that your pool pass is current.  2019 Rules and information update forms will be sent out with next month dues statement

+  Did you know that your community had an active Neighborhood Watch Program.  Call management at 405-677-9116 or email for more information on being a part of this successful program